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Roots type steam compressor for MVR evaporation system

Shandong Huadong Blower Co., Ltd is top manufacturer of roots type steam compressor for MVR evaporation system.

Roots type steam compressor for MVR evaporation system

MVR evaporation system is composed of two core technologies: steam compressor and evaporators.

There are different type of steam compressor, roots type steam compressor, centrifugal compressors.

Relying on scientific management and advanced technology, we has developed a series of roots type steam compressor with stainless steel materials and mechanical seal and successfully applied to:

Industry brine waste water treatment:

Electroplating wastewater treatment

Paint production wastewater treatment

Paper mill wastewater treatment

Crude oil production waste water treatment etc.

Chemical industry:

Concentration and crystallization of organic additives,

Production of sodium chlorite and sodium persulfate,

Purification of spices,

waste water treatment in hollow fiber molecular process.

Pharmaceutical industry:

Concentration of traditional Chinese Medicine,

Evaporation,concentration,crystallization and dryness for Western Medicine production.


Food industry and soft drinks industry:

Corn slurry concentration,

Extraction of glucose, amino acid etc.

Concentration of juice raw material

milk industry requires low temperature, highly clean, highly automated equipment, with large requirement for MVR evaporator system.


Wine-making industry:

MVR evaporation crystallization system can replace the old distillation equipment.

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