Metallurgy industry

Metallurgy industry

Metallurgy industry

Gas blower is widely used in metallurgy industry to convey coal gas. Coal gas is the common energy of modern industry. Conveying inflammable gas request the blower to be completely sealed and explosion-proof. We apply mechanical seal or piston ring seal to realise zero leakage. Gas blower equipped with explosion-proof motor to guarantee safety. In certain circumstances, we adopt double-stage roots blower to meet the high pressure and big flow rate requirements.

Besides conveying coal gas or natural gas, gas blower is also used to convey coal powder in pneumatic conveying system. Coal powder mixed with air is blowed to the combustion furnace to realise perfect combustion. In this way,realise a higher temperature.

To choose the right model for your site application, the below information is required:

1.Gas volume.
3.Ambient temperature.
4.Voltage and frequency.
5.Altitude of operation place.
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