Sewage treatment

Sewage treatment

Sewage treatment

Aeration blowers at a wastewater treatment plant manage the core digestion process for wastewater treatment plants.And roots aeration blowers have been applied to all types of aeration processes, at sewage treatment plants of all sizes. 

Aeration refers to the process of oxygen in the air is forced to transfer in the liquid.In wastewater treatment processes, aeration introduces air into the wastewater, providing an aerobic environment for microbial degradation of organic matter.The purpose of aerating liquids is to get enough dissolved oxygen and prevent slurry from sinking in the pool so that strengthen the contact of microbial organic matter and dissolved oxygen in the pool.

For wastewater aeration,we strongly recommend our ASR series three lobes rotary blower. It is powerful and durable. Roots blower are the right choice to meet your special requirements.We have plenty of experience of servicing wastewater plants and projects in domestic market and foreign countries.

To select a suitable model for your aeration purpose,just tell us below infomation:

1.The needed pressure(or the depth of water).
2.The air flow(or the acreage of the tank).
3.The voltage and frequency.
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Sewage treatment
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